LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

We specialize in LED outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. With over 20 years in the landscape design and construction business, we found that lighting became our passion. Having proper lighting for a landscape is the best way to elevate an outdoor space by highlighting its plants, features, and outdoor living environments. Not to mention, if placed properly, highlighting the facade of a home or building.

Sharing our LED outdoor landscape lighting knowledge with other contractors and homeowners is our focus.  We believe that every landscape should be highlighted properly and we love collaborating on lighting projects with landscape design companies and homeowners. There is a perfect spotlight, path light, step light, deck light, and hardscape light for any type of landscape design and we choose our favorites to share with you to use on your projects.

LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Why Our LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Prices Are the Best...

 Wholesale We provide wholesale prices. Our goal is to provide a light fixture that is economical, durable, and worth every penny. Don’t believe us? Try one of our lights out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
Warehouse Direct When you purchase a light fixture from Sunset LED you are purchasing a light directly from our warehouse, which means buying in bulk won’t be an issue.
Specialty Rates Special rates apply for landscape designers and contractors. We value our relationships with our clients and choose to invest in them. There are a lot of options of light fixtures on the market but it’s rare to find a built-in team of lighting experts to discuss your lighting projects with when you purchase your lights.
New Offers When we receive a new light fixture, we want you to test the product. To our valued customers, you will be the first to know when we receive a new light fixture and we will send one your way.


LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fixtures We Offer

Path LightPath Lights:  Path lights also known as pathway lights are the perfect way to illuminate walkways to not only navigate in and out of outdoor space but also to provide an added safety feature. We offer several styles of pathway lights that will offer any landscape the perfect aesthetic. With brass and aluminum options, sleek design, you choose which style works best for your specific landscape design.


LED SpotlightSpotlights:  Up-lights used to highlight trees, plants, outdoor features, architecture. These lights also work as an added safety feature to brighten up those portions of a landscape that may not get as much traffic so they often get ignored. Our spotlights come in brass and aluminum and we offer several LED bulb options based on the type of lighting you are providing for a specific feature, a piece of architecture, plant or tree.


Deck LightDeck Lights:  Deck Lights are the perfect choice of the fixture to illuminate an outdoor deck that is raised above the ground.  Deck lights can be installed around the perimeter of the deck to let people know where the edge areas are at night.  Deck lights can also be used in steps so that the steps can be easily seen at night. Deck lights are often overlooked but truly add a wonderful illumination to your outdoor living environment.








Hardscape LightingHardscape Lights:  Best used for outdoor steps, BBQ islands, fire pits, outdoor hardscape seating, pony walls, and columns. These also help to define a space in an outdoor landscape. Our hardscape light comes in a 6-inch version and a 12-inch version. This way you have options based on the length of space you need underlit.







LED Step LightsStep Lights:  Watch Your Step! You will never miss a step when you use our step lights for the steps leading to elevated areas in a landscape. Inserted directly in the facade of a step to help guide your guests up and down the steps.





TransformerTransformers:  Our transformers will reduce your power supply voltage from your home to a lower voltage that is safer to use and also more energy efficient than standard line voltage.  Our line of Transformers range between 200 and 600 watts and an average led bulb will use between 3 and 5 watts of power.


Bulbs: We have several variations of 2 types of LED light bulbs

  • G4 BulbG4 Bulb - Path Lights require a G4 bulb and there are some considerations when choosing the best G4 Bulb.  LED path light bulbs typically average around 2 to 3 watts and range between 15 to 35-watt equivalent compared to a standard non-led bulb.
  • MR16 LEDMR16 - Spot Lights require an MR-16 bulb which is an industry standard for spotlights.  MR -16 bulbs average between 3 to 6 watts each which is the same equivalent of 20 to 50 watts compared to a standard non-led bulb.


Our Love for LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

In the days our team was a full-time design/build company, we would get the most joy from illuminating our designs to ensure they would be enjoyed at night. Through this process, we created a collection of lights that we found were the best options when it came to any LED outdoor landscape project.

Every product at Sunset LED Landscape Lighting was specifically created to enhance any kind of landscape layout and design. Our team of lighting experts is here to assist in any and all of your landscape projects from start to finish.

We only use LED lights for our fixtures because they conserve energy, have a longer lifespan, and are more environmentally friendly than the alternative. LED bulbs can last up to 40 times longer than a regular bulb, which means you will not have to change out the bulbs as frequently. Also, because they conserve energy your electricity bill won’t be as high. Is it enough to make the switch? We believe it is.

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Enhanced Security When You Use LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

One important factor that is often overlooked is outdoor security and how it relates to in-home security and overall family safety.  Lighting up the exterior of a home and landscape creates a level of security by creating areas of outdoor landscape lighting that can tastefully illuminate many areas of the yard that would otherwise be completely dark.