Hardscape Lighting

The purpose of a hardscape lighting is to illuminate areas that may otherwise be ignored. These lights are functional because they help to define a features shape and encourage visual impact by providing targeted illumination. Hardscape lights can be used under a BBQ island counter to provide task lighting. Hardscape lights are often used under stairs to help target the next step to take which allows ease and safety. Hardscape lighting can also be used under the cap of pony walls to help define the border of an outdoor space.


H1: Hardscape Lights - 6 Inch
Sunset LED 6” Hardscape Light with a textured architectural bronze finish. These hardscape lights also come with removable mounting brackets. Sunset LED’s hardscape lights are the best the industry has to offer....
H2: Hardscape Light - 12 Inch
Sunset LED's 12” hardscape light comes with a textured architectural bronze finish This integrated 8 LED hardscape light also come with a removable mounting bracket. The H2 hardscape light is a...
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