G4 LED Bulbs

One of the most common kind of bulbs, or lamps, for use in our outdoor fixtures are the LED G4 Bi-Pin bulbs.  These LED’s have an approx. 40,000-hour lifespan, compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs with a 1,000-hour lifespan and the Halogen bulbs, which have a 3,600-hour lifespan.

Our G4 LED light bulbs are small in size and are used for path lights, deck lights, and step lights. These 12V bulbs are perfect for our fixtures and help to maximize illumination. Depending on the fixture, our G4’s can be placed as a side-mount Bi-Pin or a Back-Pin Mount.

  • The recommended 12v energy-saving LED bulbs are what we have found to be the most desirable light source and output for your nighttime experience, for most applications.  The LED’s we have offer the perfect amount of illumination along with the lowest energy consumption, to create an enchanting view of your landscape hallmarks – a beautiful water feature, the distinctive plantings, the climbing vines to the top of a column or pergola overhang, and so much more.
  • Who wants to be changing bulbs every year or so?  With the LED’s, you may rarely have to, unless they become damaged.  With a 40,000-hour life expectancy, at say, 8 hours of illumination each night, they should last over 13 years!
Bulb Path Light G4-2
$14.95 $25.99
G4 Led Bulb for a Path light.  GS 3W - 30 watt 360 degree
G4 Light Bulb: G4-1
Sunset LED’s G4 Light Bulb Bi-Pin is recommended for our outdoor landscape pathway light fixtures.  The new 2700 kelvin LED Bi-Pin fits in most fixtures that can take a standard size...
G4 - 2.5 watt
G4 - 2.5 watt
G4 - 3
G4 2.5 Watt 2700k
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