LED Landscape Bulbs

Many customized LED landscape bulbs are available to build the perfect landscape spot or path light. Both LED and Halogen bulbs are available in many different wattage's for a variety of applications. In most cases, standard bulbs are being replaced with LED, as they consume less electricity, and are safer and longer lasting. LED bulbs consume 80% less energy than traditional bulbs.

When ordering our bulbs, you can order individually or you will be prompted to select the desired bulb through the check out process as you pick your lighting fixture.


Bulb Path Light G4-2
$14.95 $25.99
G4 Led Bulb for a Path light.  GS 3W - 30 watt 360 degree
MR16-1: MR16 LED Light Bulbs - 40°
$16.95 $27.99
The MR16 LED light bulbs, specifically the MR16-1 bulb is the perfect match for your spotlight. With a 40 degree angle beam spread which allows for a mid-range distribution of...
MR16-2: MR16 LED Landscape Light Bulb - 12°
$13.95 $26.99
The MR16 LED landscape light bulb, focusing on the MR16-2 bulbs are used for our spotlight fixtures. With a 12-degree angle, beam spread making it our narrowest beam spread creating a more focused light....
MR16-4: MR16 LED Light Bulb - 60°
$13.95 $26.99
This MR16 LED light bulb is used for our spotlight fixtures. A ceramic bulb that has a 60-degree angle, beam spread which is a considered a wide flood perfect for uplighting areas of...
Par 36 - 10 Watt
2700K 45 Degree
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