LED Spotlights

Spot and accent lights are designed to highlight any outdoor visual interest. Our led spotlights are designed to be understated, while providing best in class illumination with long lasting LED bulbs. All of our fixtures are designed to the highest of industry standards are built to stand the test of time.

 We offer solid brass and aluminum spotlights with different style glare guards to create different lighting effects. Spotlights are used to uplight a home, plant, tree, or landscape feature. These lights only help to enhance an outdoor environment by creating shadow, ambiance, shape, texture, warmth, and artistic appeal by highlighting the outdoor surroundings that already exist.

S1: LED Spotlight
$59.95 $99.95
SL-S16801U-B16 - Brushed Bronze Finish 12V LED with Knuckle -This precision designed LED spotlight with a glare guard and adjustable beam angle is our top pick for those who want...
S2: Spotlight
Sold Out
SL-S16802U Our S2's are solid, versatile spotlights with a clean, sleek, classic look. This up-light fixture is cast in solid brass with a popular classic bronze brushed finish, it will...
S3: Outdoor LED Spotlight
$59.95 $99.95
SL-S16803U-B16 An outdoor LED spotlight with a depth-adjustable glare shield. This gorgeous, heavy-duty solid cast brass fixture is the perfect choice if you want the combination of distinctive class, longevity and...
S4: LED Spotlight Fixtures
$39.95 $55.99
SL-S16804U-A16 These LED spotlight fixtures are black powder coated and a perfect choice for someone looking to save on cost with the cast aluminum construction as opposed to brass, while...
S5 - Outdoor Spotlight
Materials: Brass Finish: BR Wire Lead: #18*2 SPT-2W Wire Length: 3' Lamp: MR16 Stake: ABSground stake  
S6 - Outdoor LED Spotlight
Materials: Brass Finish: Bronze Wire Lead: #18*2 SPT-2W Wire Length: 3' Lamp: MR16 (lamp not included) Stake: ABS ground Stake
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