• Dec 18, 2018
  • by Grayson Wedel

You have been hearing many people say it, “LED lighting is the way.” So why are people talking about LED lights? After all, it could all be a new fad that everyone wants to get in on. If that is the case, then there is absolutely no reason why you should ditch the normal lighting you have been using in your landscape and around your buildings.

The truth is if you have lighting in your landscape, you need to use LED lighting. So ditch your old lighting and allow us to illuminate you on how and way your life will change once you switch over to LED landscape lighting. The facts are the facts and the fact is, you can do so much more (and save even more) by choosing LED lights for your landscaping needs. Take our word for it and let us explain what you have been missing out on.


What is LED Landscape Lighting?

First things first, what is landscape lighting? Landscape lighting refers to the use of illumination to brighten up outdoor places. The applications of outdoor lighting transcend the basic home to other forms of residential and commercial areas too. Generally, the aim of landscape lighting is to improve the aesthetic feel, safety, recreation, sports and night-time accessibility of the areas affected by the lighting.

That being said, for all of those functional elements to be achieved at night, the proper lighting is necessary.  In the case where minimal units are to be used, there would still be the need to provide a huge deal of illumination. Thus, special considerations need to be made when choosing the right lighting technology for this purpose.

Top 8 Reasons to Consider LED Landscape Lighting

Time to keep our side of the bargain. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should invest in a set of quality, low voltage LED lights for your landscapes.


Energy Efficient - Save the World and Save Your Wallet

It is a known fact that LED lighting bulbs used in the light fixtures are as much as 90% more efficient in their rate of energy usage than other conventional lighting models. Considering the fact that a lot of bulbs will need to go into your yard/outdoor space to provide the best lighting, this represents a lot of savings in energy bill payments too. You would be getting a better illumination for just 10% of the normal price.

Speaking of better illumination…

2. LED Lights Shine Brighter The first generations of LED lighting weren’t met with great reviews due to the kind of faint glow that they provided. That is not the issue anymore. In fact, you get to choose from a diverse range of LED light intensities and hues to best suit your needs. The fact that they now come in different configurations leads us to the next benefit.
3. Wider Applications Using low voltage LED bulbs is not limited to the extreme outdoors only. Now that you can choose the right hue and intensity, they can also be applied to outdoor stairs and used to illuminate outdoor pathways. This makes them useful for more than just aesthetics and security, but in the functionality department too.
4. Attract Fewer Insects Concerned about the insect population around the lights you have around? We are too. We are glad to tell you that LED lights do not emit UV rays (unlike halogen lamps) and as such, do not attract insects. Put your Cortizone cream back in the medicine cabinet since you are less likely to get bit at night. You never have to worry about constant swatting when you use these options.
5. Longer Lifespan As if the savings you get from the energy department is not enough, these low voltage LED bulbs also have the capacity to run for much longer hours. Compared to halogen bulbs which have an average lifespan of 4,000 hours, the 20,000-hour tag of LED bulbs blows that competition out of the water.
6. Lower Carbon Footprint For those who are concerned about keeping the environment clean and safe – as everyone should – LED lighting will allow you to sleep better at night. With the knowledge that they emit far lesser toxic gases, thus leaving a smaller carbon footprint, they are a healthy alternative to lighting for the environment.
7. Warranties Another salient part of using LED bulbs is that they can be insured under warranty for years. This is especially true for integrated LED light fixtures.
8. Less Heat

We know what you are about to say. If these bulbs will be outside, why care about the amount of heat they will generate? The fact is, you should. Your landscape lighting needs could require putting some bulbs up on the front porch or near some flowers. In the former case, you would feel that heat whenever you hang out on the porch/ front deck/ or anywhere else the bulbs have been used. For the latter part, the heat might end up burning the foliage of the plants.

Not to drawback, but we did mention how the bulbs are better for the environment. This point ties into that too.

Invest in the Magic of LED Landscape Lighting

Like many other people who have started enjoying the many benefits of LED lighting, we believe after reading the top 8 reasons that LED landscape lighting is the best route to go when it comes to investing in illuminating your landscape design.

LED Landscape Lighting Ideas

Getting the most out of your LED light fixtures will require some expertise. That is where we come in to help.  We are here to assist every step of the way from the lighting design layout, fixture selection, installation, to the completion of your project. Our in-house lighting experts are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your LED landscape lighting project.

To get started on your LED fixture selections visit our online store or feel free to give us a call at 1-844-872-1551. We will be more than happy to help with your client’s project or if you are the homeowner we will guide you through the selection and installation process. Allow us to be a part of transforming your landscape into a place you’ll love even more – while enjoying all of the benefits listed above.