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S1: LED Spotlight
$59.95 $99.95
SL-S16801U-B16 - Brushed Bronze Finish 12V LED with Knuckle -This precision designed LED spotlight with a glare guard and adjustable beam angle is our top pick for those who want...
MR16-3: MR16 LED Bulb - 38°
$13.95 $26.99
This MR16 LED spotlight bulb is used for our spotlight fixtures. This aluminum bulb has a 38-degree angle, beam spread which is a medium spread creating a general spread of light on its...
MR16-4: MR16 LED Light Bulb - 60°
$13.95 $26.99
This MR16 LED light bulb is used for our spotlight fixtures. A ceramic bulb that has a 60-degree angle, beam spread which is a considered a wide flood perfect for uplighting areas of...
S4: LED Spotlight Fixtures
$39.95 $55.99
SL-S16804U-A16 These LED spotlight fixtures are black powder coated and a perfect choice for someone looking to save on cost with the cast aluminum construction as opposed to brass, while...
MR16-1: MR16 LED Light Bulbs - 40°
$16.95 $27.99
The MR16 LED light bulbs, specifically the MR16-1 bulb is the perfect match for your spotlight. With a 40 degree angle beam spread which allows for a mid-range distribution of...
P2: LED Path Lights
SL-P1602-B4 China Hat 6.0" Shade - One of our favorite LED path lights, this heavy duty, classic path light fixture is cast in brass, with a beautiful brushed bronze finish....
Bulb Path Light G4-2
$14.95 $25.99
G4 Led Bulb for a Path light.  GS 3W - 30 watt 360 degree
H1: Hardscape Lights - 6 Inch
Sunset LED 6” Hardscape Light with a textured architectural bronze finish. These hardscape lights also come with removable mounting brackets. Sunset LED’s hardscape lights are the best the industry has to offer....
G4 Light Bulb: G4-1
Sunset LED’s G4 Light Bulb Bi-Pin is recommended for our outdoor landscape pathway light fixtures.  The new 2700 kelvin LED Bi-Pin fits in most fixtures that can take a standard size...
MR16-9: MR16 LED Bulbs
These MR16 LED spotlight bulbs are used for our spotlight fixtures. This bulb provides for a long life of lighting with low consumption, saving energy. A shockproof, damp proof. This type of bulb...
S3: Outdoor LED Spotlight
$59.95 $99.95
SL-S16803U-B16 An outdoor LED spotlight with a depth-adjustable glare shield. This gorgeous, heavy-duty solid cast brass fixture is the perfect choice if you want the combination of distinctive class, longevity and...
MR16-5: MR16 LED Bulbs - 38°
$13.95 $26.99
These MR16 LED bulbs are used for our spotlight fixtures. This aluminum bulb has a 38-degree angle, beam spread which is a medium spread creating a mid-range spread of light on a specific...
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